Each child is unique

We believe in the dignity and the uniqueness of each child, and that he/she is endowed with inalienable rights, and that among these are those enumerated and declared by the United Nations High Commissioner for Human Rights.

To ensure the highest quality of care

We believe that children have the fundamental right to raised within their families, but when circumstances remove children from the care of their families and into the care of orphanages / institutional care, we must do everything we can to ensure that they receive the highest quality care.

Institution's role in standards of care

It is self-evident that any institution which is primarily responsible for a child's well being and life on a daily basis must ensure that fundamental standards of care are met, and that the rights of the children in their care are protected.

Need for a comprehensive Standards of Care

We believe that currently in Indonesia, no regulatory system exists so it is crucial for standards of care to be developed, implemented and promoted by the many thousands of childcare institutions operating in the country. Several bodies are working on the development of more comprehensive standards which are specific to childcare institutions, and ReAct hopes that these will be linked to clearly articulated values and principles on which these institutions should operate, as well as required services and processes which they should provide. Having this as a hope, however, does not alter the essential fact that today there are more than 500,000 children in childcare institutions throughout Indonesia and that these very children have the right to meaningful and high quality care. This is the area in which ReAct is focusing its "Caring for the Caregiver" programs.