Child care by transforming the body, heart and mind


    ReAct focuses on three different things: meal planning, preparation and experience

    • Planning: Planning and assuring balanced and nutritious meals is serious work. Selection of ingredients, keeping within budget, offering sufficient variation, hygiene in preparation and storage and other such concerns are vital. Our training and monitoring strive to ensure that these elements are being improved and sustained.

    • Preparation: "Family Food Preparation and Meal Times". We believe that there is huge societal value in transmitting healthy food preparation traditions/practices and recipes from one generation to the next.

    • Experience: We also believe that food preparation and mealtime can be a very enjoyable family/community time.

  • Meals & Nutrition

  • Water quality & sterilisation.

  • Designs and funds the building of food preparation spaces which foster group involvement and communication.

  • Encourages adults (staff and others) to take their meals in common with the children to ensure pleasant and wholesome meal experience.

  • Dental / Health Check-ups: We review the dental and general physical health of the children with the caregivers periodically to ensure that the children are receiving the care they need and to make sure that any special needs are identified and catered to.

  • Heath Assessment Dental Assessment Vision Assessment


    By organizing performances in schools and community centers, ReAct seeks to give these children an opportunity to express and celebrate their Indonesian culture and identity. To build on the success of the first tour, we organized a second Tour in 2009 with a different group of children at several venues in Singapore. ReAct organized and sponsored a troupe of performers consisting entirely of children in childcare institutions from Bali and their caregivers. The troupe conducted workshops and performances at LASALLE-SIA College of the Arts, Singapore American School, Tanglin Trust School, Overseas Family School, Lycee Francais, United World College, and the Alliance Francaise (all venues in Singapore).

    ReAct places emphasis on making the connection of the child to his family and his community by investing funds on family visits.

    The Care Giver Training program has also a direct influence on the child's sense of pride and respect.

    Our Personal Rights & Protection education program.


    • Education: School in Indonesia is not free and many families find it difficult or impossible to finance the schooling of their children. For this reason, ReAct provides Scholastic sponsorships for School Tuition fees, Books and School Supplies, School Uniform and Shoes.

    • Process of Learning: Providing funding for schooling doesn't necessarily ensure quality in learning. We aim to facilitate the process of learning by encouraging the children, their parents and caregivers, and by working with the teachers as well as by reviewing progress reports with the staff and teachers of the children.

    • Extracurricular Learning Activities: We also hire/fund additional teachers for after school and extracurricular activities such as English as a second language, Choir, Music, Dance, and for help with homework.