Annual Caring for the Caregiver Conference

Each year, an annual conference is held in Bali or Jakarta. In the recent years (video), more than 25 childcare institutions from around Indonesia were invited to share their best practices as well as to learn from presentations and workshops led by experts in various fields.

Recommended audience: all staff and personnel involved in institutional childcare, management and decision makers of childcare institutions, owners and boards of directors of childcare institutions.

  • Provides support and training to childcare staff, on both practical and managerial topics.
  • Dedicated to sharing information and best practices on issues faced by childcare institutions in Indonesia.
  • Provides a rich opportunity to learn from leaders of childcare institutions and schools, specialists on reproductive health and children's rights, communication consultants, and many other experts.
  • Brings together staff of childcare institutions from several islands, including Java, Sumatra, and Bali, and will provide an opportunity for exchange and networking.
  • Provides a full package of conference materials as well as a certificate of participation.

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Download the Full Event Report here (English).

Summary Report

The Career Fair (Jakarta, 23 Nov 2013) provided a rare opportunity for orphans to dream big and prepare for their future. They met professionals from many walks of life. They were coached on how to write a powerful CV as well as interview techniques. Through this event, ReAct directly impacted 200 teens (from orphanages and child care institutions in Jakarta - see graph below) by empowering them with necessary skills for finding a job after high school. These teens came away from the Career Fair with a clear understanding of 20 different professions, the skills and training required for each profession, the steps and pathway that these professionals took to arrive at that specific career, and concrete steps in how to approach companies when looking for a job.

Our sincere gratitude and thanks to the following people and organizations: