In the Field

Assessment Workshops

ReAct completes 3 days of assessment workshops at additional orphanages, expanding the reach of our programs to improve the quality of care for children living in institutions. Assessment results indicate priorities for each orphanage, specify how these changes will improve the quality of care, and define ReAct’s role in implementing them.

Student Exchanges

Since 2006, ReAct has created multiple annual exchanges between Indonesian orphanages and schools and institutions in Singapore. Groups of talented young musicians and dancers from Balinese institutions have come several times over the years. They have visited and performed at international schools including: United World College, the Lycee Français de Singapour, the Canadian School, the German European School and LaSalle College of the Arts. They also perform at the premises of loyal sponsors such as DFS and the French Church of Singapore.

Balinese workshop at French school Gamelan workshop at French school Frame decorating workshop Music Workshop

In addition, ReAct regularly invites smaller groups of teenagers to Singapore from the BKM orphanage in Siantar, Sumatra. These trips are designed to give the children an opening onto a larger world and to help them dream bigger dreams as they prepare to enter adulthood.

Siantar - French Community trip

In April, Claire Hendy headed the Siantar - French Community trip. A group of students and adults from the French Parish and the Lycee Français de Singapour spent 3 days in Siantar painting dormitories at the BKM orphanage. As usual, the trip also included numerous workshops and activities offered to the Indonesian children by their visitors. These exchanges create the ties of friendship and support which are so important to the psychological and physical well-being of the children.