ReAct Article on Bali Expat Website

Please read this ReAct article on the Bali Expat website, or download a copy here.

ReAct in Bali Newspaper

The above/below article covers Randolph Oudemans' motivations in creating ReAct, and brief information regarding the "Caring for Caregivers Conference", which was followed by the "Career Fair".

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Visits to Child Institutions

In order to help in assessing past performance and future needs, ReAct will be visiting several of the institutions that participated in the Child Centered Quality Care Conferences. At this time, we have done follow-up visits to three of the Sumatran orphanages:

  • Panti Asuhan Elim
  • Panti Asuhan St. Pius IX
  • Panti Asuhan Istiqomah

For more information, please email us.

ReAct Article in Humaneity Publication

Please also check out / download this ReAct article in the Humaneity publication from 2010.