Mission: Caring & Catalyzing

To act as a catalyst and positively impact the lives of young people, their families, and their communities in Indonesia, with programs that are culturally sensitive and effective, in ways that are sustainable.


To uphold the rights of children for care & respect.

To provide a vehicle for others to express their compassion for the children/youth of Indonesia, and to give them opportunities to make a difference.

By demystifying the process and making it accessible to others, we hope to stimulate others and give them practical ways to engage.

We Aim to Help Children and Youth

  • Develop a sense of self-esteem and dignity
  • Understand who they are and how they can contribute to their communities
  • Ensure that their rights are understood (by them and by others) and enjoyed
  • Obtain appropriate education and provide them with a positive educational environment
  • Be safe from exploitation and abuse
  • Face life with marketable skills, but also with a sense of values and important life skills